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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Photos from the Pussycat

Here's a link I found related to the old Pussycat Lounge from Poster Children's tour log here. You may recognize some of the hooligans in the photos.

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I also found this from Knockers the Clown of Circus Redickuless, but I can't find the link now.

From Knockers the Klown on the Pussycat:

"Lafayette was the town that left the greatest impression on me. We performed in an old feed house. I guess they made food for animals there and now it is abandoned so the kids do shows there. It was cold and the place had no heat or running water. As I was getting ready for the show Chicken John came up to me, with a smirk on his face and said something about how much this show was going to do for my career! I had gone straight from the world famous Improv in Hollywood to this abandoned building in Louisiana. I just asked him not to mention this to my manager. He wouldn't be impressed."

"The audience was rowdy and drunk. The place was packed! They had no stage so they pressed up real close to us performers just to fit themall in. As the show kicked in I started to realize that this is what I live for. These drunks were begging for some quality entertainment and they were getting it. They were right there on stage with us, talking to us and having a great time!"

"When we came to the part of the show where Chicken John fires a bottle rocket out of an audience member's butt crack, the whole house fell down. The brave young man who turned his back to the audience and lowered his pants was actually using twine for a belt!!!! TWINE! I thought that was just a joke I had seen on Beverly Hillbillys. I was so impressed."


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